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To treat acne there are more than 150 drugs available. Most of them contain similar active components, and therefore they are similarly ineffective during severe forms of acne. But there is a medicine which is able to defeat acne once and for all. It is Accutane.

Accutane differs from most popular drugs for the treatment of acne. Its derivative is an active component Isotretionin which is a synthetic analogue of A vitamin.

Despite the use of this drug for many years the mechanism of the action is not fully studied. It is only known that Accutane works by inhibiting the functioning of oil glands, so that it reduces the production of sebum and slows down the acne development. The anti-inflammatory influence of the drug on the skin is proved which gives an opportunity to reduce the number of pimples and inflammation as a result of occlusion of the oil glands.

The pharmacological action of Accutane is broader than it is mentioned in the instruction because this drug helps to reduce the formation of scars on the skin after acne. It is conditioned by the similarity of Isotretionin with A vitamin which is the main vitamin of our body and responsible for the skin conditions. As a result, Accutane helps to restore the skin during the severest forms of acne disease, even in those cases when the aggressive methods of the influence on the skin turned out ineffective.

  • Severe forms of nodulocystic acne
  • Acne not treatable by the previous therapy including cystic and acne conglobate especially on corpus

The advantage of Accutane is that this drug is used orally without applying it to the skin. It allows to use the drug at any time of the day. Moreover, it helps to fight with acne disease on any parts of the skin where hyperresponsiveness of oil glands is observed. In case of the use of creams, and gels the action occurs locally only in places of the drug application.

Many doctors and patients call Accutane a panacea for acne disease. Having read positive reviews people go to the pharmacy in order to buy Accutane and start treating acne as soon as possible. But this may cause only the worsening of the disease. Before buying Accutane and starting the treatment it is needed to make sure that you have no allergy to this component and you are not subject to any severe side effects. To do it, see a doctor who will prescribe you an individual scheme of the treatment.
As a rule, patients are prescribed the initial dose of 0,5 mg per 1 kg of the body weight per day (if the patient weighs 80 kg, the daily dose will be 40 mg).
If the daily dose exceeds 20 mg, it should be divided into 2-3 equal uses. It is better to take capsules during meals in order to reduce the probability of the adverse reactions of the digestion organs.
Often, there is a short-term attach of acne diseases at the beginning of the treatment. It is necessary to have an individual correction of the maintaining dosage within the limits from 0,1 to 1,0 mg/kg a day in 4 weeks of the therapy.

Usually, the treatment lasts for 16 weeks. Estimating its results it is needed to remember that the improvement continues after the drug cancellation. Therefore, it is necessary to make a break for about 8 weeks before prescribing the second course.

Most adverse actions of Accutane depend on the dosage. If the doctor in charge correctly selected the dosage, the probability of the side reactions is minimal. But each body differently takes Accutane, and therefore the following side reactions are not eliminated: dryness of skin, mucous membranes of lips, conjunctivitis, inversive hair loss, pain in muscles, pain in joints, inflammatory diseases of intestine, and depression.

  • It is necessary to avoid the simultaneous prescription of Accutane and A vitamin because of the possible increase of the symptoms of A hypervitaminosis
  • As tetracycline may also cause the increase of the intracranial pressure their use in combination with Accutane is contraindicated.
  • Isotretionin may weaken the action of the oral contraception with low quantity of progesterone. Therefore, it is needed to use barrier methods of contraception for the period of the treatment.

In case of the overdose the signs of A hypervitaminosis and relative side reactions may appear: nasal bleedings, allergic reactions, rash, itching, and irritation of the skin. Stomach lavage is needed in case of strong symptoms of the overdose.

Buy Accutane online