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If you do not have thick eyelashes and have complexes about it, the products for the increase of the eyelashes will help you which a cosmetic medical product Lumigan belongs to.

There are two reasons why you should buy Lumigan: it is a great product to improve the growth of the eyelashes and it is one of the best drugs for the treatment of glaucoma.

Lumigan contains fatty acid Bimatoprost. It is a synthetically developed analogue of prostaglandins which has similar mechanism of the action. It reaches the eye-ball and increases the volume of the liquid outflow from the eye. It reduces the load to the eye ball and the intraocular pressure.

Lumigan has gained a great popularity after the unusual clinical studies during which the drug for the glaucoma treatment obtained a new destination. As Bimatoprost increases the phase of the length of the active life of hair follicles this drug is able to increase the hair growth in the place of the application (eyelashes). Applying this drug to the eyelashes there is their increase in the volume and length by about 40-50%.

Many clinical studies of Lumigan in the USA, Canada and countries of EU have indicated that the use of Lumigan for the cosmetological purpose does not have negative consequences and since, the medical drug became one of the safest synthetic products to improve the growth of the eyelashes.

  • Poor growth or eyelashes or its loss
  • Treatment of the closed-angle glaucoma

Depending on what purpose you decided to buy Lumigan the scheme of the treatment and dosage regimen will differ.

Lumigan is eye drops which are applied to eyes or eyelashes in order to increase their growth. If the eye drops are used in conjunctive bag, the growth of the eyelashes will be minimal because the main action of the drug will be directed at the reduction of the intraocular action.

In order to lower the intraocular pressure the eye drops Lumigan are instilled under the eye ball into each conjunctive bag, 1 drop once a day. If you have contact lenses, it is necessary to remove them 10 minutes before the instillation of the drops and they may be used again in 15 minutes.
After the instillation of Lumigan it is recommended to lay with closed eyes for about 5 minutes, so that the drug will start acting and is not leaked away with tears.

If Lumigan eye drops are used in order to increase eyelashes, the drug should be applied directly to the skin in the area of the eyelashes. The eye drops should not be instilled into the eyes. The drug should be applied to the upper lids along the eyelash growth avoiding the lower lids. The increase of the growth of the eyelashes on the lower lids may lead to the visual disproportion, and you will just spoil the appearance.

The noticed result of Lumigan drug use appears in 4-6 weeks. The maximal result appears only in 12-15 weeks. Unfortunately, using this drug, do not expect fast results, and if you want to increase the eyelashes, it is needed to use medicine every day.

After gaining the needed volumes the use of Lumigan is stopped.

During the first instillations of the eye drops of Lumigan into the conjunctive bag the person may feel light burning, itching, dryness in the eye, and the minimal redness of the eyes is possible. Then, these side reactions disappear.

In case of the prolonged use of Lumigan the patient may have strong increase of the eyelashes, change of the eye color, and also allergic reactions in case of the increased sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Lumigan eye drops almost do not reach the systemic blood flow, so that the medical interaction with other medical products is not likely. This product bio-transforms by completely different ways, and does not influence on the hepatic enzymes which are active during metabolism of other medical products.

Due to this Lumigan is allowed using with any peroral medications without worrying the side reactions.

In case of the necessity of the use of Lumigan with other anti-glaucoma products, it is needed to consult a doctor.

When applying Lasix in large amounts the risk of overdose is increased. The biochemical properties of blood are changed and levels of creatine, cholesterol, glucose and uric acid are increased and leukocyte count is reduced. Symptoms of overdose may be a severe allergic reaction.

In case of overdose you must immediately consult a doctor.