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Acomplia is a trade name of the active component Rimonabant. This component is synthesized on the basis of the natural components and has a mechanism of the action similar to the action of Cannabinoid.

Accutane differs from most popular drugs for the treatment of acne. Its derivative is an active component Isotretionin which is a synthetic analogue of A vitamin.

Aldara is a modern drug for the treatment of pointed condyloma and other warts. The scientists still have not determined the medical group which this medicine belongs to because it does not have the antibacterial activity and direct anti-viral action.

Antabuse is a leader among all drugs for the treatment of alcoholism on the pharmaceutical market. Today, despite a very big spread of alcoholism all over the world, there are few medicines which help to cope with this problem.

Clomid is a synthetic analogue of the female hormone estrogen. It has antiestrogenic and estrogenic activity.

Cymbalta is a modern antidepressant of the last generation. This drug may be referred to the fifth generation of the antidepressants which act faster, provide the milder effect and have the higher pharmacological safety.

Dexamethasone is analog of hormones of adrenal cortex influencing on the metabolism. This drug is one of the strongest representatives of glucocorticosteroid drugs having a very strong anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action (stronger than cortisol by 30 times).

Imitrex is the most promising drug for the treatment of migraine. First of all, this products may prevent the appearance of the migraine symptoms, and also neutralize severe headache during the occurred attack of the disease.

Lasix is a well-known diuretic drug, which includes Furosemide. To date, there is virtually no such strong diuretics, which could compete with the drug.

There are two reasons why you should buy Lumigan: it is a great product to improve the growth of the eyelashes and it is one of the best drugs for the treatment of glaucoma.

Misoprostol has been synthesized to reduce hydrochloric acid in the stomach and increase of the protective properties of the mucous membrane.

Synthroid is a chemical generic hormone of the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormones which Synthroid belongs to first of all control the metabolism in the human body.

Valtrex is an antivirus drug with the main active component Valacyclovir. This component is an inhibitor of herpes virus with activity in vitro.

Ventolin is an inhalative form of Salbutamol which is one of the most promising drugs for the treatment of the pulmonary obstruction and diseases connected to the disorder of the respiratory function.

Zyban is a medical product for nicotine dependence. It is produced by the Austrian pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline which states that Zyban is the most promising medical product which will help you to quit smoking once and for all.