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Many people suffer from obesity but they do not go to use the medical products to lose weight because they are afraid of the side effects. If you belong to such people, you may be recommended to buy Acomplia, a safe medical product for obesity.

Acomplia is a trade name of the active component Rimonabant. This component is synthesized on the basis of the natural components and has a mechanism of the action similar to the action of Cannabinoid.

As you know, there are certain receptors which are responsible for our reflexes in the human body. The pharmacological action of Acomplia consists in the impact these receptors which help to reduce hunger.

Cannabinoid stimulate endogenous cannabinoid receptors of the brain, and it causes the increase of the appetite.

Acomplia works backwards. It blocks this area of the brain for certain period of time and the effect of “saturation” or oppressed appetite is conditioned.

Less briefly, Acomplia impacts the irritated CB1 receptors of the brain which, as you know, produce lipids and are responsible for metabolism of glucose, adiposity, and even tobacco and drug addiction. Moreover, Rimonabant favors the production of good cholesterol, known as high density lipoprotein, reducing the level of triglyceride.

  • Obesity in people with bode weight index more than 30
  • Excessive body weight with attendant pancreatic diabetes type 2 

It is necessary to remember that Acomplia is not a panacea for obesity, and the use of this drug only will not make the person lose weight. If you decided to buy Acomplia, you should realize that it is necessary to refuse from the unhealthy fat food, increase the physical exercises, and stick to the regimen in order to lose weight. This way, you will be able to gain fast and effective results.

It is necessary to take Acomplia once a day before breakfast. The drug should be used before the first use of meals because it enables you to control the satiety and restrict the daily menu starting from the breakfast. The optimal daily dose is regarded 1 tablet of 20 mg. In rare cases, patients may be prescribed 40 mg a day (1 tablet of Acomplia 20 mg in the morning and evening) on severe stages of obesity.

The maximal dose of 40 mg may be used only for a short period of time, and then it is needed to return to the previous dose.

Acomplia does not have unpleasant and prolonged side effects. Some patients may experience nervousness, high excitement, insomnia, or light depression. It happens because the drug acts to the receptors of the brain and the body gives a negative reaction in the process of the adaptation to the drug.

In some cases, the drug may cause nausea and diarrhea which is caused by the individual intolerance of Rimonabant.

  • Acomplia may interact with antipsychotic medicines and antidepressants. It may lead to the additional load to the receptors of the brain and central nervous system.
  • It is recommended to follow caution during the simultaneous use with the strong inhibitors of CYP3A isozyme (some analgesics, antiviral drugs). These drugs may increase the concentration of Rimonabant in plasma and lead to the reduction of the efficiency.
  • Acomplia may be used in the combination with Orlistat because the mechanism of the action of these drugs differs and it will not worsen the work of the body.

The experience of the overdose of Acomplia is low because there are results of the clinical studies where the patients took 300 mg a day. It did not cause the irreversible pathologies but it did not increase the quality of the therapy as well. It is most likely that the use of Acomplia in doses exceeding 40 mg a day within a long period of time may lead to insomnia, headache, euphoria, and disorder of the central nervous system.

Buy Acomplia online