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Removing pointed condyloma mechanically (liquid nitrogen) warts may appear again in some period of time. It may last for the unlimited period of time until the body will resist this problem. If you want to completely cure the pointed condyloma, you may buy Aldara and try this effective medicine.
Aldara is a modern drug for the treatment of pointed condyloma and other warts. The scientists still have not determined the medical group which this medicine belongs to because it does not have the antibacterial activity and direct anti-viral action.
The main active component of this drug is imiquimod, a modifier of the immune response. This product acts as antitumoral agent activating the cells of the immune system. Due to the activation of the immune system Aldara stops the growth of malignant cells preventing the viral activity in the body, and it stops the growth of neoplasms to which pointed condyloma belongs.

Aldara influences not only the pointed condyloma but also usual warts and other forms of papilloma. The therapeutic effect occurs not instantly but it allows to remove having warts on the skin and prevent the appearance of neoplasms.

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  • External genital perianal warts
  • Restricted interfacial basal cell epithelioma
  • Keratosis on the skin of the face or head in patients with normal immune system (in case the standard therapy is contraindicated)

The frequency and length of Aldara use is determined by the attending doctor after the medical examination and investigation of the clinical image of the disease. The patient is recommended to have an examination at first and then buy Aldara in the amount the doctor indicated.
Aldara is a cream for the external application which should be applied directly to the pointed condyloma or warts.
The cream is applied once a day before sleeping, 3 times a week (for instance, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday). It is not recommended to use the drug 3 days in a row in order to avoid a negative allergic reaction on the place of the drug application.
Cream should be applied with a thin layer and easily rubbed into the skin affected by condyloma, until the complete absorption. It should be left on the skin for 6-10 hours (on the period of sleep). Avoid taking shower during this period of time. Then, the skin is thoroughly rinsed with warm water
During the treatment of pointed condyloma the therapy lasts until the complete removal of warts and skin clearance.
Aldara cream should be applied only to the affected parts of the skin. The application to other parts of the skin is not desirable in order to reduce the probability of the allergic reaction.

Treating carcinoma Aldara cream is applied 5 days a week within 6 weeks. The cream is also applied with a thin layer for the night, and is rubbed until the complete absorption. The drug is left on the skin for up to 8 hours, and then it is very important to rinse the area of the skin with warm water with soap. The efficiency of therapy should be studies only in 3 months of therapy.

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Using Aldara the most probable side effects are local allergic reactions: burning, itching, redness, light pain in the places of the cream application.

The systemic side effects are developed rarely upon condition that the patient has the increased sensitivity to Imiquimod and a fact of the neglect of the treatment scheme and exceeding the daily dosage. In these cases, headache, dizziness, nausea, increased fatigue, and fever are possible.

As Aldara stimulates the immunity the cream should be carefully used by patients who receive immunosuppressive agents.

Imiquimod may penetrate into the skin in small amount and reach the systemic blood flow. As the broad clinical studies on the interaction of this component with other medical products has not conducted, there is a probability t hat Aldara may interact with drugs with systemic action. Using Aldara it is necessary to restrict the use of the systemic medicines.

The constant overdose during the external application of cream may cause severe local skin reactions. The systemic reactions during overdose are unlikely because the cream poorly penetrates into the skin.

aldara cream 5%

Buy Aldara Cream Online