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The hormone deficiency of the thyroid gland may lead to the pathologic changes in the work of the entire body. The hormone balance suffers because of the worsening of the thyroid gland work, and therefore the therapy with Synthroid is the main weapon of your body at struggle with hypothyrosis.

Synthroid is a chemical generic hormone of the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormones which Synthroid belongs to first of all control the metabolism in the human body. Using Synthroid metabolism is hastened, the transformation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates occurs faster, the body uses more calories within a day. Thyroids are used to treat the dysfunction of the thyroid gland and obesity in the medical practice.

In other words, Synthroid is used as the alternative to the natural hormones of the thyroid gland. After the beginning of the use of this drug the hormone level of thyroid gland is increased, and the negative action of hypothyrosis to the body is neutralized.

The metabolic processes are restored, the work of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems is improved, the functioning of hypophysis and concentration of hormones in the body are regulated.

As a rule, the therapeutic properties of Synthroid appear in 3-5 days after the beginning of the use. If hypothyrosis has a chronic form as a result of which severe pathological changes appear in the body, several weeks may be needed before the drug will begin to restore the work of all inner systems.

  • Hypothyrosis of various origin
  • Hormone deficiency of thyroid gland
  • Bronchocele relapse
  • Benign bronchocele
  • Preventive therapy during the removal of the malignant tumor of thyroid gland
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis

Before buying Synthroid it is necessary to have a medical examination and determine the exact diagnosis and find out the reason of hormone deficit of thyroid gland. The physician will be able to prescribe the individual medical course on the basis of the obtained results of analyses.

Synthroid tablets are taken in the morning, on an empty stomach, with a glass of water.

The treatment of hypothyreosis in adults is started from the minimal doses: 25-100 mcg per day. If this dosage regimen is not enough, the dose is gradually increased every 2 weeks by 25-50 mcg a day. The optimal effective dose for the adults is considered 150-250 mcg a day during hypothyrosis of the average severity level. Using high doses the daily dose may be divided into 2 uses (in the morning and afternoon).

300 mcg of Synthroid a day is prescribed during the surgery on malignant tumor of the thyroid gland.

Children are also prescribed Synthroid in case of the hormone deficit of the thyroid gland but in low doses: initial dose is 12,5-50 mcg per day, maintaining dose – 100-150 mcg a day.

The non-observance of precautions and dosage regimen in the treatment of hypothyrosis may cause side effects. It is necessary to understand that the oversupply of hormones is also harmful as well as their deficit.

Using Synthroid within the first 5 days of the treatment the following side effects may be observed: disorder of the cardiac rhythm, increase of the heart beats, pain in the chest, sudden change of the body weight, sleep disorder, dysfunction of adrenals, headache, and dizziness.

Despite the fact that these side reactions appear rarely and have a mild character, do not forget about the precautions, and it is needed to consult a doctor or pharmacist during the first signs of the side effects.

If you decided to buy Synthroid but you take any medicines at the same time, the following information will be useful for you:

  • Synthroid reduces the efficiency of insulin and also most peroral products for the treatment of pancreatic diabetes
  • The use of Synthroid may increase the action of antidepressants and anticoagulants by several times
  • Anti-epileptic products reduce the number of the active levothyroxine (active component of Synthroid) in the blood
Using the drug with Furosemide the concentration of Synthroid is significantly increased in the blood.

The overdose with Synthroid is very dangerous because the risk of the appearance of thyroid crisis which may lead to the lethal outcome is increased besides the common side effects. It is strictly not recommended to exceed the daily dose indicated by your physician.

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