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The effective treatment of alcoholism starts from the realization of the problem. As soon the person realized that alcoholism is a harm and it is needed to struggle with this harmful habit, the modern medicine comes to the rescue. It is possible to recommend to buy Antabuse to treat alcoholism.

Antabuse is a leader among all drugs for the treatment of alcoholism on the pharmaceutical market. Today, despite a very big spread of alcoholism all over the world, there are few medicines which help to cope with this problem. Antabuse is the most effective and available medicine because it helps to completely cure of alcoholism and start a new life in 90% of cases.

Buy Antabuse online

In order to overcome alcoholism Disulfiram – an active ingredient of Antabuse – has been synthesized. It is a medical product which influences on metabolism of ethyl alcohol turning it into acetic acid. The increase of the concentration of the acetic acid in the body causes negative side reactions. If alcohol is consumed during the high level of acetic acid, these components interact and the person experiences intoxication. Antabuse acts strictly but effectively.

Buy Antabuse Online

The pharmacological action of Antabuse is directed to cause unpleasant side reaction in the person during the consumption of alcohol: the increase of the heart beats, nausea, lowering of the arterial pressure, vomiting, dizziness, severe headache, fatigue, and sleep disorder. As a result of such significant changes the person has no desire to consume alcohol. The central nervous system is not able to adapt to so radical adverse reactions, as a result of which it reduces the desire to drink alcohol in order to protect the body against the recurrence of these negative reactions.

Antabuse is prescribed for the treatment of alcohol addiction and chronic alcoholism of any severity level.

As Antabuse is a product to reduce negative impact of alcohol on the central nervous system, this drug must be taken when the human is sober. Before buying Antabuse the patient should strictly realize that the further consumption of alcohol may harm his/her health condition. 
Antabuse tablets are taken orally with a glass of water. The medicine is used only once a day, in the morning, before breakfast.

The optimal daily dose is 1 tablet of Antabuse 500 mg. depending on the patient’s condition and efficiency of the therapy, the dosage may be adjusted by the doctor. The treatment continues until the complete rejection of alcohol. It usually occurs in 3-4 months. Then, a maintaining therapy is needed within 1-3 months but in the cut dose – 125-250 mg a day.

The side effects of Antabuse have a bright character because they are the main sign of the efficiency of the drug action. In the first days of Antabuse use the patient may experience unpleasant taste in the mouth, light dizziness, coordination disorder, headache, and nausea. Using this drug the side effects become less intense because the number of acetic acid is reduced (in case of the absence of alcohol in the body), and the patient starts feeling better. It is needed to pay attention to the following side reactions: pain in heart, gastritis, acute painful sensations in the stomach, skin rash, and itching. During these side effects it is necessary to consult a doctor. Perhaps, it will be needed to reduce the daily dose or have the additional examination.

  • The simultaneous use of Antabuse with Isoniazid medicine for tuberculosis may cause the coordination disorder.
  • Metronidazole may increase the delirious disorders, and mental confusion.
  • Antabuse increases the action of peroral anticoagulants due to which the danger of bleeding is increased.
  • As Disulfiram inhibits metabolism of Theophylline in big amount the dosage of latter should be significantly reduced.
  • Disulfiram may potentiate a sedative effect of benzodiazepines.

The overdose with Antabuse drug bears a potential danger because the patient may develop neurologic disorder, psychosis, comatose state, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system, and central nervous system.

In case of the overdose it is needed to cancel the therapy and have a symptomatic therapy.